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پرائیویسی پالیسی

Emails :
1)- We do not store any information about you.
2)- If your email has no attachment and you pressed delete button, your account will be deleted immediately with all the messages you have received. If you did not press delete, the email will be deleted automatically after 1-2 hours.
3)- If your email has attachment, the attachments are stored in different folders of emails, these attchment will be deleted automatically after 1-2 hours.
4)- You can always check if your data has been deleted by creating email with the same address if it is available and see the inbox.

1)- This website is public, so do not use these numbers to receive important messages.
2)- All people can see just the last 100 messages or the messages of the last 7-8 days.
3)- You can not see the full number of the sender and it will look like this: +1333333####.

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